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Expanding Horizons

SES Bolsters fleet with versatile mobile units

Exciting news from Special Event Services (SES). Our commitment to meeting our clients' diverse needs has led us to expand our fleet significantly

We are thrilled to annouce the addition of over 12 new units, ranging from agile 3.5 Tonne mobile vans to awe-inspiring full size exhibition units. With this expansion, SES is better equipped than ever to cater to various industries to ensure swift, tailored solutions for all our clients.

Catering to your unique needs

At SES, we understand that no two clients are alike, and each project comes with its specific requirements. That's why we have invested in a diverse range of units, ensuring we have just the right fit for your needs. Whether you require a nimble 3.5T mobile van for quick deployments in hard-to-reach areas, a versatile pathfinder unit with a perfect balance of size and agility, or a show-stopping full-size unit. We have you covered.

Serving Diverse Industries

Our expanded fleet opens doors to a plethora of industries that can benefit from our top-tier mobile units. From the medical sector, where on-the-go facilities are crucial for providing healthcare services, to marketing and hospitality, where impressive mobile setups leave lasting impressions, we have units that cater to your unique industry requirements. Moreover, for broadcasting, TV, and production needs, our cutting-edge units ensure seamless operations and high-quality productions. Additionally, we offer mobile units for training and education purposes, enabling dynamic and immersive learning experiences.

Sustainable Solutions with Onsite Workshop

SES understands the importance of sustainability and minimising waste. In situations where building a brand-new unit may not be viable or time-sensitive, our onsite workshop comes to the rescue. Our skilled team can efficiently modify exisiting units to your specifications, reducing waste and ensuring that units remain in excellent condition, ready to hit the road whenever you need them.

The expansion of SES' fleet marks an exciting chapter in our journey to serve you better. With a diverse range of mobile units at our disposal, we're fully prepared to meet the unique needs of various industries. Our commitment to providing top-notch solutions extends to sustainability, as we offer onsite modifications to ensure that units remain fresh, efficient, and environmentally responsible. At SES, our focus remains on exceeding your expectations and delivering tailor-made mobile solutions that elevate your projects to new heights. Reach out to us today, and let's embark on an unforgettable journey together.


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