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  • Haaris Ayub

Unveiling the Behind the Scenes Magic of Glastonbury

Our 15th year working with the BBC at Glastonbury

Glastonbury Festival renowned as the largest green-field festival in the world, has been captivating music enthusiasts for over five decades.

Amidst the grandeur of the performances and the cheers of the crowd, lies an intricate web of logistics that ensure the event's seamless execution. Special Event Services Ltd (SES) has been an integral part of this behind-the-scenes magic, providing essential production offices and studio facilities to the BBC for Glastonbury over the past 15 years.

For 15 consecutive years, SES has been the go-to provider for the BBC at Glastonbury. Supplying up to 10 units annually, SES plays a pivotal role in setting up the infrastructure that enables the broadcasting and coverage of this colossal event. The BBC relies on SES' expertise to deliver top-notch production spaces and studios, ensuring their team can effectively capture and share the festivals magic with the world.

With an event of this magnitude, meticulous planning is imperative. SES' dedicated team works closely with key contacts at the BBC to orchestrate the seamless transportation of the production units to the festival site over a three day period. The route planning is thoughtfully designed not only to minimise environmental impact but also reduce any disturbances to the local community, underscoring SES' commitment to responsible event management.

In the dynamic world of festival and events, mobile production spaces and studios are indispensable, Glastonbury Festival, taking place over five days, necessitates temporary setups that can be easily managed and dismantled. SES's expertise in providing, delivering, and managing these flexible spaces allows artists and organisers to create captivating experiences without the limitations of permanent fixtures. Furthermore, the ability to move these spaces with tours enables seamless transitions across multiple locations in a matter of days, enhancing the efficiency of the entire event.

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