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SES has had a long established relationship with BT, which started with SES purchasing the eight double gullwing and podded BT training units that had been purposely built for BT.

The units incorporated a large training area, reception, automated training equipment and a fully fitted AV presentation control room. BT had finished using them for this facility and SES bought them all so they could offer them as their hire fleet for other customers.

Once sold to SES, BT realised that they wanted to launch BT Openworld and they asked SES to provide one of the units back and operate it all over the UK to promote their new broadband services.

Most of the other units were then converted as production offices for the WRC, one to the Welsh government and another to Marks & Spencer.

SES's future work with BT has incorporated double decker buses, hospitality buses, internal training units, product awareness mobile units and mobile media centres to follow Ellen MacArthur.

SES was commissioned by JP Creative to provide a vehicle for the BT Vehicle for Change Roadshow after it had been a great success in 2010.

The brief required the hire of a tractor unit and trailer. SES also provided operational support to drive the vehicle to all locations, level and set-up the trailer and remove the tractor unit from the trailer whilst it was in exhibition mode.

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