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Siemens came directly to SES with a project to come up with a plan on health and safety training for Siemens staff which included health checks.

The unit was designed to go to the highest mountains where wind turbines are located so that before engineers went up into the turbines, they could have a refresher health and safety course and a health check due to the heights that they were climbing.

SES designed a 4x4, single expanding, Mitsubishi Cantor which opened up as a presentation area and incorporated a heart rate and health check machine which was linked by 4G to the management team at Siemens. This unit was used for three years and travelled to all outreach areas and successfully combatted the elements all over the UK to implement the safety measures for Siemens staff.

The first unit was so successful that Siemens asked SES to design another single gullwing unit which could go to power stations and to Siemens client sites, so that Siemens had a health and safety presence at any of the sites it was working at. This meant a dedicated presentation with Siemens health and safety values in a controlled area would be given to all staff entering the power stations.

SES manufactured a single gullwing 40ft trailer which incorporated a silent generator, full air conditioning, and an AV control area with large projection interactive screen for up to 30 people to be present at one time. There was also a secondary training pod area with projection which went into more detail and a 1-2-1 discussion area.

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