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BBC Blast Tour

The BBC commissioned SES to build a series of exhibition trailers that would form a hub for the BBC Blast project. The UK tour was aimed at getting young people involved in the creative process, with the SES trailers providing a platform for workshops, competitions and live shows.

SES provided trailers for the BBC Blast tour, with an average of 30 venues per year. The fleet included 1 double gullwing trailer, 1 single gullwing trailer and an exhibition van, as well as a 10x10 marquee tent.

The exhibition van was sent to locations a week before, with the intention to market the up and coming event. Whereas the two trailers and marquee were set-up together to form a community where the event could take place.

The trailers used for the project were fully refurbished throughout. The SES workshop team worked closely with BBC Blast to ensure a high-quality finish, that went above and beyond the specification. The refurbishments saw a reception area, studio, group activity area, editing area and laptop work stations.

The units were fitted with air conditioning, as well as electric points throughout the trailers which allowed for multiple TV's and a kitchen area. To finish it off graphics were added to the interior and exterior, of all the trailers, in coherence with BBC Blast's brand image.

Finally, SES were able to operate the BBC blast fleet, throughout the five years, including transportation, set-up and de-rig, as well as on-site crew to resolve any issues and keep the trailers secure.

Project Gallery

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