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Sky Up Academy Studios

In an electrifying collaboration, Special Event Services Ltd (SES) has worked with Sky Up Academy Studios on an ambitious roadshow across the UK and Ireland.

SES, a leader in event management, design, build and delivery, has provided two fully electric, custom-branded vans for this pioneering project. The Aim? To Ignite the passions of students, encouraging them to pursue careers in the production industry.

SES's contribution includes two Fiat electric vans, chosen for their spacious interiors and impressive range. One van boasts a cutting-edge custom-built mobile studio, seamlessly integrated into its design, while the second serves as a dedicated support vehicle, ensuring the roadshow runs smoothly.

Leading this venture are two dedicated brand ambassadors, who not only drive the vans but also expertly set up the whole event, including interior and exterior spaces, supporting by the Sky Up team. Their passion and expertise add an invaluable dimension to this roadshow.

SES has embraced the challenge of transitioning to electric vehicles, taking charge of all logistics involved in traveling between sites. This includes detailed route planning to ensure efficient and sustainable travel. The roadshow has traversed the diverse landscapes of Wales, Ipswich, Scotland, Ireland, Walsall, Plymouth, Manchester, and Bradford, showcasing SES's proficiency in the new era of electric travel.

In addition to the mobile studio set-up, SES works its magic inside school spaces, creating immersive environments that captivate the imagination of students. This thoughtful touch enhances the overall experience and leaves a lasting impression on young minds.

The roadshow has already made a substantial impact, connecting with over 16,000 students, and counting. With each passing week, the reach expands, solidifying the success of this collaboration between SES and Sky Up Academy Studios.

SES's involvement doesn't end with the school tour. They've gone above and beyond, constructing a secondary trailer unit for Sky Up Academy's participation in sports events like the 100 cricket This mobile studio unit has graced nearly every major UK cricket ground in 2022.

Through their dynamic partnership with Sky Up Academy studios, SES is not only helping to inspire and engage young minds but also showcasing their unparalleled expertise in logistics, construction, and event management. This collaboration is a testament to the power of innovation and teamwork in shaping the future of the production industry.

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