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Titan 22, initially a medical unit at Special Event Services (SES), underwent a remarkable transformation after being sold to Prodrive.

Titan 22, initially a medical unit at Special Event Services (SES), underwent a remarkable transformation after being sold to Prodrive. Originally designed as a medical unit, the unit needed extensive modifications to meet Prodrive’s specifications, including the ability to be comfortable driving on challenging terrains.

Prodrive sought a versatile and robust unit capable of withstanding harsh conditions while providing a mobile communication and engineering truck that will give their engineers a cool and calm environment to work. The unit required both external and internal modifications to ensure seamless integration into Prodrive’s convoy and meet the team’s unique requirements.

Modifications and Upgrades

1.       Bars and Tow Hitches: Added for increased protection and flexibility in various terrains.

2.       Off-Road tyres: Fitted to ensure optimal performance in challenging environments.

3.       Solar panels: Implemented for sustainable and independent power generation.

4.       Workstations for senior engineers and senior management

5.       TVs and AV rack: Installed for real-time communication and data management.

6.       Bespoke storage spaces: Designed to store equipment efficiently.

7.       Starlink System: Two starlink systems added to the truck to provide reliable internet services wherever the unit travels and ensures that the engineers have access to the internet.        

8.       4G/5G Router to aid with internet services, can be used with local sims.

SES went beyond the ordinary by delivering the unit and providing onsite training during one of the race series in Morocco. This unique approach ensured that Prodrive’s team received hands-on training in the actual environment where the unit would be deployed so this could be replicated by the Prodrive team throughout the series.

The transformed Titan 22 now stands as testament to SES’s capability to tailor solutions for specialised needs. Prodrive gained a fully equipped and resilient mobile unit, capable for supporting their race series expeditions efficiently.

Key Achievements:

1.Adaptability: Titan 22 seamlessly integrates into Prodrive’s convoy, overcoming challenging terrains.

2. Functionality: The unit’s internal setup and technological features meet Prodrive’s operational requirements.

3. Onsite Training: Prodrive’s team received training in real-world conditions, enhancing operational readiness.

Titan 22’s Journey from a medical unit to a customised off-road capable mobile communication and engineering truck showcases SES’ commitment to delivering tailored solutions. The collaboration between SES and Prodrive resulted in a cutting-edge mobile unit ready to conquer the toughest terrains in the world of motorsports.


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