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IMG commissioned SES to build a hospitality unit for their requirements to be on site at all WRX events. SES was also asked to set up staging and signage.

SES had to create an idea where the one hospitality truck could carry the extra equipment. The unit designed had a front hospitality area awning, two offices for IMG and a rear double decker storage area to carry signage and extra equipment.

The following year, SES was asked to provide a Spotters Tower which includes a gullwing area for the TV production team and a separate staircase to open up the top for team managers to advise the drivers and plan the race.

This unit is positioned by the side of the track so that live decisions can be communicated.

SES now provide these two vehicles plus a back up trailer as the series has now grown over the years, and the SES team assist IMG with managing the stage, spotters unit and the hospitality area.

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