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NHS Covid-19

SES' Vital Role: Partnering with NHS to Amplify Covid-19 Response Efforts

In an extraordinary response to the Covid-19 crisis, The SES team undertook a herculean task. They converted 22 large podded and gullwing units, initially designed for exhibitions, broadcasts, and medical purposes, into indispensable testing and vaccination booths. These units were strategically deployed across the UK, playing a crucial role in supporting the tireless efforts of the National Health Service (NHS) during this critical time.

As the NHS faced unprecedented challenges, SES' swift action was a beacon of support. The NHS turned to SES for a solution, relying on their extensive inventory of second-hand units and highly efficient workshop. This collaboration with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) not only provided a cost-effective solution but also a time-critical one, ensuring that essential testing and vaccination facilities were available when needed most.

To meet the surge in demand, SES sourced units from Europe, demonstrating their commitment to doing whatever it takes to aid the Covid-19 response. The acquisition of units from Showmobiles and the Star Live fleet further fortified SES' resources ensuring they could continue to adapt and respond to the evolving crisis.

This strategic acquisition approach continued with the purchase of 12 exhibition and hospitality units from EMS. This significant expansion of SES' fleet, now one of the largest in Europe, provided unparalleled flexibility in repurposing units to meet any need that arises.

In addition to providing Mobile Examination Units (MEUs) in the Midlands, SES addressed the critical need for medical waste management and site supervision. This comprehensive approach ensured that every facet of Covid-19 response was covered, demonstrating SES' commitment to going above and beyond.

The operational crew, along with the provision of people carriers, played a pivotal role in supporting clinic teams at testing sites. A total of 22 second-hand double expanding units were transformed into testing and vaccine units, supplied to the NHS. This accomplishment within a three-month window is a testament to SES' dedication to providing critical support when it matters most.

These units became invaluable assets, filling gaps in infrastructure, hospitals and aiding in the herculean task of testing both patients and NHS staff. SES recognised the extraordinary importance of the NHS during this crisis, and their collaboration has been instrumental in the collective fight against the pandemic.

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