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Stryker AIRO Mobile Systems

This unit contains Stryker's Airo mobile system which is a mobile CT Scanner. The mobile experience unit transforms into an educational and showroom environment, to help bring Stryker's solution to facilities across Europe for awareness sessions and hands-on product demonstrations.

"The Neurotech Mobile Experience is important for Stryker because we no longer need to rely on our customers to take time off and come and see our products," says Stuart Smith, Business Unit Manager on our Interventional Spine Team "(With the mobile lab) we can take our products and experience to them." (2023, January) Advancing healthcare professionals' education with Stryker's Neurotech Mobile Experience.

Since the launch of this unit in May 2022, Titan 51 has already travelled to 27 hospitals in over 10 different countries including:

  • France

  • Germany

  • Austria

  • Poland

  • Netherlands

  • Italy

  • Spain

  • Ireland

Titan 51 can be fully deployed in 60 minutes, the unit features two hydraulic pods expanding to a large footprint. The unit can host up to 30 visitors at the same time. The unit has 5 integrated workstations built to Stryker's specification. The unit allows both educational purposes by utilising the workstations or using the additional space for product demonstrations.

Using the experience SES has we have been able to overcome everything that a roadshow like this could throw at us.

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