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titan 13

13m Single Gullwing Exhibition Trailer/Mobile Marketing Trailer 

Titan 13 is a flexible marketing unit which can be fully deployed in 60 minutes. The unit takes up limited car parking space but still has a large internal space and the display area. The unit is also low to the ground which makes it perfect for direct marketing. The unit has large external and internal areas for branding. The unit is fully air-conditioned and can be fitted with AV options including live satellite feed.

  • Hydraulic gullwing 

  • Glass drop-in panels 

  • Disabled access 

  • Air-conditioning 

  • Presentation screen 

  • Open plan and low floor for easy access 

  • AV and satellite options 

  • 1 SES Unit manager

  • 60 minute set up 

  • 2 matching units on fleet 

Download Specification

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