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titan 20

13m Single Podded Exhibition Trailer / Production Office 

Titan 20 is a podded edit / production trailer with a full 13m pod, which has four edit insulated rooms, a small voice over room. Large main area for production office / tape store or meeting area. 

Each room is fitted with air-conditioning including the open main area. The walls are carpeted for sound deadening and sliding doors to each edit. This unit can be deployed in 1.5 hours and has two entrances 

The unit takes a 63amp three phase mains supply for lights, air-conditioning and ring main power but also has a floor trap doors for access for TV power and connectivity for the OB . The unit has large exterior branding areas.

  • 4 Edit / Production Rooms 

  • Small voice over room

  • Large open plan production office 

  • Air-conditioning 

  • 63 Amp mains feed 

  • 2 SES unit managers, 90 minutes setup 

Download Specification

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