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titan 61

Titan 61 Laboratory 

Titan 61 is a 13.6m double gullwing Laboratory split into two sides and runs as two separate clean sides. This unit was used for Covid-19 testing. The unit is fully air-conditioned but also has variable air systems inside the unit. Separate entrance and fire exit to both sides and each side has a sink and gown area to the entrance. This is a flexible medical unit that can be used for many different applications. The unit can be fully deployed in 60 minutes.

  • Full trailer length double gullwing 

  • Separate clean medical side 

  • Sink and gown area at entrance 

  • Full-air circulation 

  • Air-conditioning 

  • Ready for any equipment to be installed 

  • 2 SES Unit Manager 60 minute set up 

  • Newly fitted in 2022 

Download Specification

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