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  • Haaris Ayub

Electrifying the Road to Inspiration

SES and Sky Up Academy Studios inspiring roadshow spotlighted on our website. SES and Sky's collaborative roadshow, aimed at inspiring future producers, now graces SES' website

In a powerful display of innovation and collaboration, SES and Sky Up Academy have united to bring an electrifying roadshow to schools across the UK and Ireland. SES' provision of custom-branded electric vans forms the backbone of this dynamic endeavour, covering locations across the UK and Ireland.

Two dedicated brand ambassadors play a pivotal role, not only expertly driving the vans but also setting up mobile studios within schools. This transforms classrooms into immersive environments that captivate the imagination of students, leaving a lasting impact.

Furthermore, SES has demonstrated its proficiency in the realm of electric travel, meticulously planning routes to ensure efficient and sustainable journeys. This has been a vital aspect of the roadshow's success, allowing it to reach over 16,000 students and counting.

Beyond the classroom, SES has extended its support to sports events, constructing a secondary trailer unit for Sky's participation in events such as the 100 cricket. This mobile studio unit has made appearances at nearly every major UK cricket ground in the UK.

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