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  • Haaris Ayub

Trailblazing Transformation: Titan 22's Journey from Medical Unit to Motorsport Marvel

Titan 22, Once a humble medical unit under the car of Special Event Services (SES), underwent a spectacular evolution when Prodrive took the reins. Originally conceived for medical purposes, this vehicle underwent substantial modifications to align with Prodrive's stringent specifications, ensuring not just functionality but comfort on challenging terrains.

In pursuit of a versatile and resilient mobile communication and engineering hub, Prodrive envisioned a unit that would not only endure harsh conditions but also provide a serene workspace for their engineering team. Both external and internal modifications were imperative to seamlessly integrate Titan 22 into Prodrive's convoy while meeting the team's distinctive requirements.

Some of the enhancements and innovations include, Fortified exterior, Terrain-ready tyres, Green energy, Tailored workspace, connected anywhere.

SES didn't just hand over the keys; they elevated the delivery process. Onsite training unfolded in Morocco, during a race series. This allowed the Prodrive team to gain hands-on experience in the exact environment where Titan 22 would be deployed.

From a medical unit to a bespoke off-road mobile communication and engineering truck. Titan 22 showcases SES' unwavering commitment to tailored solutions. The collaboration with Prodrive resulted in a cutting-edge marvel ready to navigate the most demanding terrains in the world of Motorsports.

Find out more in detail on our dedicated Prodrive case study: Prodrive (

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