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  • Haaris Ayub

Rising Waters

Providing support during the aftermath of Leicester's flash floods in June. As heavy rainfall brought flash floods to Leicester and other parts of the country in June this year, communities faced unprecedented challenges.

Essential services were disrupted, leaving many in distress. One such service, East Leicester Medical Practice (ELMP), serving over 13,000 people, found itself grappling with the impact of the floods.

A Deluge of Challenges

The torrential rains wreaked havoc across Leicester, with flash floods causing widespread disruption. ELMP, an essential healthcare provider, faced a daunting situation as floodwaters forced them to halt their services due to water leaks. The practice understood the importance of its role in the community and reached out to SES for a solution.

SES' Swift Response

Recognising the urgency and gravity of ELMP's situation, SES swiftly offered their expertise and assistance. Understanding the immediate need to resume medical services, SES immediately set in motion a plan to provide the necessary service.

Mobile Medical Units to The Rescue

SES' mobile medical units became the lifeline, ELMP needed to continue its operations, Within a short time frame these units were delivered to the practice, equipped with all the facilities and equipment required to offer safe and professional healthcare services. The mobile units not only ensured the continuity of medical care but also provided a sense of relief to the community.

A Collaborative Effort

The collaboration between SES and ELMP exemplified the power of teamwork and community support. The dedication of the healthcare professionals at ELMP and the prompt response from SES showcased the spirit of resilience that unites communities during times of crisis.

Serving the Local Community

The impact of SES' support went beyond merely resuming medical services. By standing with ELMP during the challenging period, SES demonstrated its commitment to the well-being of the local community. The partnership between the two organisations strengthened the fabric of support that sustains communities in times of need.

The Leicester floods brought unprecedented challenges to the region, disrupting essential services, and causing distress to many. The provision of two mobile medical units ensured that ELMP could resume its crucial services, offering healthcare and support to over 13,000 people. This collaborative effort between SES and ELMP serves as a poignant reminder of the power of unity and care, even in the face of adversity


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